Find the Meaning of Life with IKIGAI

Ancient Japanese philosophy links the 4 areas of life to be balanced and happy. Learn these principles and happiness will not be long in coming.

Prague to Oxford and back again: A Chancellor’s tale

At 16, she moved to the UK on a scholarship, seeking better education and new experiences, and adapted despite initial challenges. She studied Political Science at LSE and completed her advanced degrees at Oxford, focusing on Latin American politics. After gaining valuable insights through field research, she returned to Prague to lead Newton University, blending UK and Czech education systems. Her international experiences now help her inspire students to explore and learn globally.

Do you hear expressions of dissent in the collective? Congratulations!

What does Katherine Cakin think of Amy C. Edmondson's lecture and psychological safety overall? Why is this topic close to her heart? And what is new in NEWTON's offer?

Advice from a Nerd: How to Ace a Big Test

Read on for 11 effective tips on how to prepare for an important exam. Approach it scientifically, as advised by an experienced nerd, and you're sure to pass.

Game On: Navigating the 21st Century World of Esports

"Game On: Exploring the Thriving World of Esports in the 21st Century" traces esports’ transformation from casual gaming to a global phenomenon, highlighting its economic impact, cultural significance, and technological advancements. The article discusses how esports has grown from local contests to major international events, with a focus on the industry's future challenges and potential.

Follow these 4 steps to create psychological safety in your teams

4 concrete steps to create a psychologically safe work environment. A task for self-confident managers.

Are you cheating? Or is it imposter syndrome?

Are you cheating? Or is it imposter syndrome?

The big idea: why we need to learn to fail better

An article about the fact that making mistakes is beneficial and can also be learned. Intelligent failure is a necessary condition for progress - personal, professional or scientific.

Leaders Should Make It Safe to Speak Up

It is a matter of good management to create an environment that is psychologically safe enough for employees to have the courage and desire to openly express their opinions. This can prevent a number of fatal errors.

Intelligent Failures vs. Costly Mistakes: Navigating the Innovation Paradox

Article by Amy Edmondson describes intelligent mistakes as a necessary condition for progress and innovation. You can discover something new only in unknown territory, with the risk of failure, after leaving the comfort zone.

Psychological Safety Is Not a Hygiene Factor

Why should a company's strategy be regarded as a living document and reviewed regularly? Clinging to original conclusions can lead to business failure due to the inability to adapt to changing conditions and seize new opportunities. Regularly reviewing and updating the strategy allows companies to stay competitive, respond to market dynamics, and avoid obsolescence.

Your Strategy Should Be a Hypothesis You Constantly Adjust

Why should a company's strategy be taken as a living document and reviewed regularly? Why clinging to original conclusions can cause business failure?

The secret of success: authentic leadership or psychological safety?

5 GenZ New Year's Resolutions

With the new year comes new opportunities. It's time to say goodbye to the past year and make plans for the upcoming one. Forget about those classic resolutions - this year, do it your way, infused with the humour and style that is so unique for you!

There can never be enough tips for Christmas gifts - a gift guide inspired by NEWTON family talents

We've got some interesting gift tips for you. And what kind of family would we be if we didn't stick together, right? That's why we've been searching within our NEWTON FAMILY for possible delights.

Business Class Has a New Member

NEWTON University celebrates its induction into the prestigious Business Graduates Association (BGA), signifying a commitment to world-class business education and unlocking opportunities for students and faculty on an international scale.

Great coffee and coworking spaces in Prague

Are you new here and wondering where to go for a coffee with your friends? We've got tips for you on great coffee shops in Prague and Brno where you can go for a meeting or a chat, but you can also study or write your term papers in peace. Check them out.

Great coffee and coworking spaces in Brno

Are you new here and wondering where to go for a coffee with your friends? We've got tips for you on great coffee shops in Prague and Brno where you can go for a meeting or a chat, but you can also study or write your term papers in peace. Check them out.

Children of evacuated Afghan interpreters receive scholarships at NEWTON

Life in Afghanistan has never been easy and was challenging to all Afghans. Hundreds of them were getting killed by suicide attacks, bombs and mines on daily basis. However, people were still keeping hope for a lasting peace which unfortunately never happened, asks Asmatullah Ahmadzai, who along with another student received a scholarship to study at NEWTON University.

How to write accurate prompts for great results in GPT

Learn how to enter prompts to make GPT chat as helpful as possible for your studies or work. We've brought you tips for great prompts that will get you perfect results. Try them now.

Ludmila Navrátilová: sustainability is sexy and profitable for brands

Everyone talks about it, but what does it actually mean. According to Ludmila Navrátilová, it is "a meaningful business that has a chance for the future. Not only does it look far ahead to what impact it will have on the environment, but it also addresses the ethical side, including how we work with our employees and how we value their work.

Jana Bedřichová: Put on HANAJANA and swim with us

Studying for exams? Learn techniques to help you remember everything

Almost no one can imagine the learning process without memory. We can think of it as a repository in which we store and retrieve information that enables us to learn and perform various activities. There are different types of memory that make it easier for us to remember material. How to best use them?

When dealing with a manipulator, you must not go on the offensive

We encounter some form of manipulation almost every day. Most of us manipulate unconsciously, and only 20 percent of people are pathological manipulators. Unfortunately, it is these disturbed personalities that you may meet at work or are part of your family. Kateřina Bělková, a registered mediator and professional communication specialist, told us how to recognize manipulation, how to defend against it and how to learn assertive communication in her webinar.

Interdisciplinary collaboration at NEWTON’s Management and Social Science Congress

Good sleep means good business. Google and Nike know it

A good sleep is half the battle. But how to work when we all sleep differently. Some companies have understood that you need to respect your sleep rhythm in order to perform well. But it's not just about performance. It's also about your intelligence. Lack of sleep hurts her, and you don't need that to be successful.

Improve your presentation skills: learn to use silence and always be prepared

Isaac Newton: scientist, theologian, entrepreneur?

This week, Professor Cornelis J. Schilt will share the untold story of Isaac Newton at the Management and Social Science Congress. In part, it’s a cautionary tale of obsession and avarice, but it’s also a story of vision and genius.

International Women’s Day is here — and maybe this year, don’t give flowers.

Are you using AI yet? Maximise its potential with these tools

Everybody's talking about her. AI. If you haven't tried it, it's like you haven't. Here's an overview of AI that will make your day-to-day work easier. Need to create an image, remove noise in a video, or make an article? It does it all.

10 tips to improve your English, (mostly!) from the comfort of your own home

Do you want to learn English, but a language school or lessons with a private teacher don't appeal to you? No problem, we have a solution for you. We've put together a few tips to help you master your language skills quickly, from the comfort of your own home and maybe even with a bit of fun. It won't be without work, but we believe our tips will make your job easier.

Avoid rookie mistakes to shine in every interview

Looking for an internship or job? Then you'll need some tips on how to succeed at job interviews. To help you out, we had a chat with Andrea Kráslova, head of the NEWTON Career Centre, and she gave us her golden rules…

8 learning apps to make your life easier

Here are 8 apps that will make your life and exams easier. See which one is right for you?

Improve your revision technique to shine in your exams!

10 tips for compelling Reels when your imagination has run dry

When it’s okay to tackle legal problems using Google, and when you should call in an expert

Ondrej Benda: Learn the tools to manage changes in your life

Why apply for funding from the NEWTON University Angel Fund?

Love for Apple brought the guys from Basefound to designer chargers

Pablo Maldonado: maths and statistics are crucial to make good business decisions!

Entrepreneur must believe in their products, says Petr Herian

How to survive the first winter term? Study occasionally and go to parties

NEWTON Welcomes International Scholars for Panel Discussion on Democratic Erosion

Scholarships for Ukrainian students: study in English at NEWTON University

NEWTON University Group management statement on the situation in Ukraine

Meet the NEWTON alumni who’ve been featured in the Forbes 30 under 30

Scholarship programme for the children of Afghan interpreters

Students tackling waste with NEWTON's support

NEWTON College Announces Scholarship Programme for Students from Belarus

Online learning at NEWTON: we’re teaching precisely by the schedule and we’re already excited to meet you

“Learn to work with inspiration, otherwise, you’ll lose it,” advises Kateřina Vařáková

Checklist: Be 100% prepared for your presentation

Get the most out of yourself and your colleagues with an education in psychology

For the sixth time, NEWTON College was ranked the best private university in the Czech Republic

Podpoř A group of friends from NEWTON is changing the world around them for the better

Forbes' top Czech success stories: insights from NEWTON alumni

4 basic reasons why your BSc. at NEWTON will prepare you well for life

X-tream Management is changing its participants’ career paths