How to write accurate prompts for great results in GPT

How to write the perfect prompt to make the most of chat GPT? We know and we're delighted to offer advice. The language model improves thanks to your input. The better prompts people write, the more GPT will enhance. To ensure your utmost convenience, we present tried-and-tested tips.

Create roles

Example: As a marketer, your task is to develop a campaign for the upcoming year that promotes a handmade soap that has remarkable skin benefits. Your target audience are middle-class women aged 35-50 residing in Prague.

Be specific

Example: You're writing a newsletter for KravMaga365, a company promoting self-defense courses that is recruiting new members from September. Suggest me the subjects of the email.

Put requirements in context

Example: I'm a copywriter, but I'm getting bored with my job. I'd like to change careers. Tell me what my career options are. 

Think about the length of the prompts

Thinking about how long the prompt is equally important. A longer prompt may provide more context and detail, yet it may pose challenges for the model to understand. On the other hand, a shorter prompt may be simpler for the model to grasp, but may not provide sufficient information for a satisfactory response.

To be taken seriously by the GPT, start questions with action verbs: create, write, do, generate

Bad example: can you tell me how to become a content marketer in 2023? 

Good example: create a precise plan for me to become a content marketer in 2023. 

Use quotation marks

The result will be much more specific 

Example: write me an essay on "climate change is causing me climate grief"

Give examples 

Example: this is the description of NEWTON University's undergraduate program. Make me a similar one. Imagine your life if you had built up a career, a network of useful contacts and a premium income while still at school.

The bachelor's degree at NEWTON University is part of the 3-year "Economics and Management" programme accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science in full-time or combined form, which will kick-start your career during your studies.

Up to 75% of our students are already actively engaged in business or work during their studies. Join them.

Tell me what tonality you need 

Example: Write to me why it is necessary to do a tax return in a style that will be attractive to a 20 years old person.

Types of prompts


Formulate questions precisely because you need a specific answer. 

Example: What is metamorphosis? 

Prompts for completion 

Ideal for copywriters. You're given a product and asked to describe it. 

Example: Finish my product description.


GPT-4 can invent a conversation between characters in a certain situation and setting. It’s invaluable in creating scenarios for chatbots, or in-house manuals. 

Example: Make up a conversation between a customer who wants to switch banks and a bank advisor. 

Creative prompts

A cool thing for creating videos when you're out of inspiration. These are open-ended prompts.

Example: Create me a script for a video featuring a woman in her 40s promoting natural collagen to smooth wrinkles. 

Examples of other good promos

  • Tell me more about the latest trends in AI
  • Generate a 30 sec. script to promote a new product. It's a pair of sneakers designed by Karl Lagerfeld. 
  • Write me a persuasive email that persuades a customer to buy my webinar on AI, where I teach how to use prompts well. 
  • Write me an email apologizing to the customer for our mistake and offer them a discount code for their next purchase. 
  • Teach me what economics is all about and create a test at the end
  • Calculate this logarithm and explain step by step how you got the result. Verify the result. 
  • Explain the difference between realism and romanticism. 
  • Make a PR interview in which a man in his 30's. talks to a presenter about how his life has changed after attending a personal development course that focuses on one’s own limits.

Still need more tips? Here are 120 great prompts to make your job easier. If you’re interested in how to use other AI tools, read on to find out.


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