Are you using AI yet? Maximise its potential with these tools

It’s impossible to spend time online these days without coming across Artificial intelligence, or AI. OpenAI's Chat GPT, which had a million users within five days and now has over a hundred million, is taking the world by storm. It can do a SWOT analysis, create a marketing strategy, generate spreadsheets, and give you the answer to almost any question you can think to ask it. "There’s great business potential in AI, but you need to think critically and look at whether it has really created something that is useful for you. AI serves mainly as a guide to how to approach a problem," explains entrepreneur Libor Hoření, who gave a talk on AI at NEWTON.


According to Libor, AI does not replace marketers and designers, but it can serve as inspiration. “If you need an image for a campaign, AI can generate ideas within a minute. This might mean that a designer, who would normally need to spend 90 hours on the job, now only needs to spend 30.” 


Have you tried it yet? Read on to find out more about how ChatGPT works, and for an introduction to some other apps and sites that will knock you off your feet. Libor Hoření has also invented a tool for students to help you define your bachelor thesis topic. It will help you with the assignment, defining your topic and suggesting the main chapters.  It is

Chat GPT

Type in anything and this tool will generate a specific, tailored result. The only thing it can’t do yet is make small talk.

If you ask GPT to write a general article on AI, it looks like this:

A SWOT analysis for your business:

Copy AI

This is pretty similar. You describe the product, choose your tone and it will churn out a caption for your store or social media. Compared to ChatGPT, it requires more precise specifications — otherwise its suggestions can fall a little wide of the mark. 


Wondering what to call your project? Describe it, and this generator will spit out a brand name for you. It's not perfect yet, but the more people that use AI, the more AI will learn and improve. 

Similar to Namelix. This will come up with a logo for your brand, as well as design templates and more.


This beauty will create a picture exactly to your liking. The better the prompt you give it, the better the picture will be — started by creating a cat. DALL E2 is another tool for making pictures, and has the benefit that you can work with it if you have a GPT account. But Midjourney generates incomparably better results and the images are yours to use commercially.


You need to furnish your new apartment, or you just want to give your existing one a refresh with a new coat of paint. Upload a photo of the room to generate a custom design.

Now for something completely different. Are you trying to do something in excel, but you forgot the formula? Describe what you want to do and it will give you the formula you need.

There are dozens of AIs. Other interesting tools include, which takes you out of your social bubble to give you the "other side" of an argument. You can create beautiful presentations with, or translate text with, while Vocal Remover and Isolation will remove noise from your video. 


So, are you using yours yet?