Tomas Studenik: I want people to take more risks

Czech innovator and entrepreneur Tomas Studenik shares his journey and philosophy on learning from failure. As the pioneer of Prague's FuckUp Nights, Studenik emphasises the normalcy of failure in both personal and professional realms. He elaborates on his transformative approach to setbacks, revealing how embracing and openly discussing failures can foster innovation and resilience.

Amy Edmondson: “Most of us need a playbook for failure”

Edmondson advocates for a playbook tailored to different contexts, challenging the simplistic "fail fast, fail often" mantra. Through fostering environments where failure is embraced as part of the learning process, individuals and teams can cultivate a growth mindset, essential for long-term success in academia, business, and beyond.

Follow these 4 steps to create psychological safety in your teams

4 concrete steps to create a psychologically safe work environment. A task for self-confident managers.

The big idea: why we need to learn to fail better

An article about the fact that making mistakes is beneficial and can also be learned. Intelligent failure is a necessary condition for progress - personal, professional or scientific.

Leaders Should Make It Safe to Speak Up

It is a matter of good management to create an environment that is psychologically safe enough for employees to have the courage and desire to openly express their opinions. This can prevent a number of fatal errors.

Intelligent Failures vs. Costly Mistakes: Navigating the Innovation Paradox

Article by Amy Edmondson describes intelligent mistakes as a necessary condition for progress and innovation. You can discover something new only in unknown territory, with the risk of failure, after leaving the comfort zone.

Psychological Safety Is Not a Hygiene Factor

Why should a company's strategy be regarded as a living document and reviewed regularly? Clinging to original conclusions can lead to business failure due to the inability to adapt to changing conditions and seize new opportunities. Regularly reviewing and updating the strategy allows companies to stay competitive, respond to market dynamics, and avoid obsolescence.

Your Strategy Should Be a Hypothesis You Constantly Adjust

Why should a company's strategy be taken as a living document and reviewed regularly? Why clinging to original conclusions can cause business failure?

The secret of success: authentic leadership or psychological safety?

Business opportunities in uncertain times. Where to look for them?

According to Margareta Křížová, it is possible to run a successful business in every era. But you need to know the market and your customer thoroughly. The practical webinar provided some essential information and advice from the experienced investor and founder of NEWTON Business Accelerator to help you think about your own business.

Ludmila Navrátilová: sustainability is sexy and profitable for brands

Everyone talks about it, but what does it actually mean. According to Ludmila Navrátilová, it is "a meaningful business that has a chance for the future. Not only does it look far ahead to what impact it will have on the environment, but it also addresses the ethical side, including how we work with our employees and how we value their work.

Improve your presentation skills: learn to use silence and always be prepared

Why apply for funding from the NEWTON University Angel Fund?

Pablo Maldonado: maths and statistics are crucial to make good business decisions!