“Learn to work with inspiration, otherwise, you’ll lose it,” advises Kateřina Vařáková

Look at inspiration as a gift, and when it comes, give it your due focus,says educator Kateřina Vařáková, emphasising one of the concepts from the book Big Magic. If your mind is full of ideas, with no way to materialise them, learn how Kateřina dealt with this issue. Then go check out the book for yourself.

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the famous book Eat, Pray, Love, explains in her next edition, Big Magic, how to work with your creative power. Every one of us is hiding a treasure that needs to be uncovered and given space. That treasure just happens to be our inspiration and the ideas that we shouldn’t simply throw away.

Reading this book influenced me a lot. It talks about how ideas and inspiration come to us and how we can use them. Inspiration is all around us. Imagine them as little pixies that are waiting for you to materialise them and bring them to reality. The book’s main thought is knowing how to realise your inspiration.
Kateřina Vařáková

Working with inspiration isn’t always easy. At times, it can take quite a bit to realise your ideas. Even if you have a muse and talent, you have to also be responsible and hardworking to fully extract your inspiration.

When you look at Michelangelo, Edison, or anyone else with a grand idea, it’s not only about the magic of that “Aha moment”, as challenging work made of small fragments and pieces is hidden behind it. Simply stated, you have to sit down, work hard, and know that the work that isn’t necessarily interesting can lead to the whole, which is magical.
Kateřina Vařáková

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Who is Kateřina Vařáková?

Mgr. Kateřina Vařáková, DiS., teaches at NEWTON, works as a life coach, and is a postgraduate student of psychology. She engages in applied psychology, especially in psychology work, human resources management, and employee education. She has experience in HR and business.

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