There can never be enough tips for Christmas gifts - a gift guide inspired by NEWTON family talents

The undeniable approach of Christmas probably doesn't need reminding. However, for those who find it challenging every year to think of what would truly make their loved ones happy, we're here to help. We've got some interesting gift tips for you. And what kind of family would we be if we didn't stick together, right? That's why we've been searching within our NEWTON FAMILY for possible delights. We found plenty, as NEWTON students and alumni know how to pivot and have fantastic ideas. You might have already noticed their gadgets in our awesome Advent calendar! So, let's dive in!

1. For those who care about the planet

If you're passionate about the environment, we have two gifts that will not only make your loved ones happy but also contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. Let's kick off with the stainless steel OneCup with a straw. With proper care, it'll last a lifetime, virtually unbreakable, and versatile enough for everything from milk to whiskey. As everyone enjoys a good drink, it makes for a universally appreciated and eco-friendly gift.

Or perhaps you'd prefer to join the parade?How about a stylish backpack from BEK-BEK? Fun fact: Our student Eva and her friend Niki craft these from roller shutter scraps, promoting the beauty of reuse. With its elegant minimalist design, a piece like this is sure to delight your girlfriend, wife, mom, or even a stylish grandmother."

2. For technology lovers 

You've likely come across them. Thanks to the NEWTON Accelerator, our graduates Vojta and Petr have launched a fantastic line of wireless chargers, smart office desks, and other ingenious gadgets under the Basefound brand. Their chargers boast a minimalistic design, crafted from top-notch materials that your Apple device will surely adore. And who are these gadgets for? It's a bit like the drinking thing—everyone has a phone these days. If it's an Apple, and the owner appreciates minimalist beauty, then it's a perfect match. Say hello to Basefound.

3. For indulgers

We're not sure about you, but we can't imagine life without coffee, and we know many share our sentiment. What would truly make us happy? A voucher for a delightful cup of coffee, or better yet, several cups! You can get these from the expert baristas at KOFI-KOFI. Starting in Brno, they now boast the largest fleet of mobile cafes in the country, ensuring easy redemption. It's a perfect treat for all caffeine lovers, regardless of age.

4. The most valuable gift is experience

Ever feel like everyone has everything already? Choosing the perfect gift can be a challenge. Lately, experiences have been appearing higher on the gift list, offering something unique to make the recipient truly happy. For gentlemen, a dream car test drive; for culinary enthusiasts, a cooking course with a Michelin-starred chef; for adrenaline junkies, a parachute jump or scuba diving taster; for glamourists, an escape game (like the "Professor's Office" Escape Room, generously donated by Global Business Management's English programme to our Advent calendar this year); and for culture lovers, tickets to a concert, theatre, exhibition, or cinema are excellent choices. And what about the party of the year? Our NEWTON ball in March?

5. A book is a book

Pleasing enthusiastic readers is not that hard. Although, you know, you walk into a bookstore and suddenly, the choices are overwhelming. There's so much out there! So, if your reader happens to be a passionate cook, consider giving them a special cookbook by our talented graduate, Martin Legeza 'How to Find the Joy of Cooking'. With a genuine love for culinary arts and global blogging ambitions, Martin is not just an inspiration in the kitchen but will also help your recipient brush up on their English skills.

6. Relax, rest, well-being

Not everyone is into adrenaline, culture, cooking or technical conveniences. But a relaxing stay in nature? That's something everyone can enjoy - rest, relaxation, and peace. Have you heard of Lísek? NEWTON organises adaptation courses and special training there, and it's truly beautiful! How about a weekend getaway? 
A massage or other pampering experience is sure to bring joy and relaxation.

7. Don't forget the softies!

When you are really stumped on what to get, go for a "softie". There might be more softies in the NEWTON FAMILY, but a classic choice is always a winner. 
Check out the socks crafted by our entrepreneur-at-heart graduate, Salvator, from his company Ferdinand. Offering top-notch quality and original design, these socks are a sure win.  
And speaking of softies, what about dropping a note to Santa for some cool NEWTON merch?

We hope we've inspired you a bit. Either way, we wish you the best of luck in your choice and immense joy on the other side. Enjoy the process of selecting gifts! After all, it's not an obligation but a privilege to make someone happy!

And don't forget about our advent calendar on FB NEWTON. Every day at 10 am, something interesting awaits you, so be sure to participate!"

Merry Christmas!

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