Business Class Has a New Member

At NEWTON University, we are celebrating a significant milestone with our recent induction into the prestigious Business Graduates Association, or BGA. This London-based international organisation brings together the world’s top business schools, and our inclusion among them signals our continued commitment to providing a world-class business education.

Opportunities for all

In joining the BGA, we’re opening our doors to an array of exciting prospects for both students and faculty. Students will gain access to an exclusive membership platform focused on international career development services, while faculty will enjoy new opportunities for research collaboration.

Our Vice-Chancellor for International Relations, Dr Anna Plechatá Krausova, explains, "As members of the BGA, we will be able to forge links with other top business schools, sharing knowledge and expertise, and paving the way for future exchange programmes and partnerships. This membership is the beginning of our journey towards full BGA accreditation, which will further highlight the exceptional value of a NEWTON education to students, employers, and the wider academic community.” 

Commitment to sustainability

Aligned with the BGA’s focus on sustainable development, NEWTON is actively participating in various projects focused on sustainability. These include ‘aLIFEca’, a life cycle assessment (LCA) initiative in the automotive industry, and ‘ChemSkills’, a project aimed at transforming the chemical industry with a focus on green practices, digital transformation, circular economy and sustainability.

An Irish connection

Another exciting development is our new partnership with Dorset College Dublin. This collaboration, established under the Erasmus programme, is designed to promote cross-border academic exchange and mutual inspiration by linking the best educational practices of both institutions.

This is a transformational phase for NEWTON. Our membership of the BGA is just the latest example of our growing international network, which also includes the AACSB Business Education Alliance, a global nonprofit association that connects educators, students, and businesses to create the next generation of great leaders. These collaborations enrich our educational offering, providing our students with the vital tools, knowledge and global connections to thrive in an ever-changing world.