Great coffee and coworking spaces in Prague

The start of the semester is knocking on the door! Preparing for classes, writing term papers, or working on projects with classmates - all this and more awaits you during the new semester, and it's likely to be a real grind after the holidays. But why not make it more enjoyable and head to a coffee shop or coworking space where you can work on term papers, study, or just have a cool time with new friends? We've gathered tips for the best coffee and coworking spots in Prague and Brno, so you'll always have someplace to go.
You can find the café at Smetanovo nábř. 334/4, 110 00 Staré Město

SmetanaQ Café & Bistro

A café and bistro that specialises in preparing a variety of coffee, famous and popular breakfasts, homemade cakes, and pastries. People from all over Prague come here for avocado bread and pancakes. SmetanaQ is also a good place if you want to work on something.

You can find the café at Jiřího z Poděbrad Square 1407/4, 120 00 Vinohrady


Cafefin is a unique café located in Vinohrady. A delicious combination of Czech and Vietnamese flavours awaits you here!

The Miners

The Miners Coffee is a company specialising in roasting fine coffee. This café has several locations to choose from in Prague, so there is something for everyone. Each place has a minimalistic interior, making it an ideal space for meetings and studying.

The café can be found at Veletržní 839/49, 170 00 Prague 7-Holešovice
The Miners can be found at the following addresses: 
Slavíkova 1611/5, Prague 2
Italská 2584/69, Prague 2
Železná 490/14, Prague 1
Evropská 866/71, Prague 6
Národní 135/14, Prague 1
Boudníkova 2538/11, Prague 8
Sokolovská 713, Prague 8

Cafe Hrnek

Cafe Hrnek provides an ideal environment for work and study. The entire place has not only tables where you can both sit and work but also conference and bar tables. The great taste of coffee and food is complemented by the iconic white and blue porcelain.


The name of this café and non-stop study room in the centre of Prague combines two words: café and education. The two separate spaces offer either a cosy place to sit or an opportunity to work and study there.

 The café can be found at Škrétova 490/12, 120 00 Praha 2

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