For the sixth time, NEWTON College was ranked the best private university in the Czech Republic

Once again, NEWTON College has received the best evaluation for a private university. NEWTON College was ranked within the Faculty of the Year project, now for the sixth time – this last occurred for the 2018/2019 school year. This time, however, the school received the best scores across every category. Receiving this title pleases us greatly, which is why we would like to detail why this competition is important for us and why we’ve been successful in it for so many years.

The Faculty of the Year project holds a competition every year, where the quality of universities is evaluated by two key characteristics – quality of education and quality of the learning environment. The results then help those interested in making their decision for which university they want to choose as their future alma mater.

How does Faculty of the Year differ from other surveys?

The organisers from the Association of Students and Graduates were bothered by the rankings in the Czech media that compared universities by different criteria. The most important criteria of all was missing every time –  the students’ perspective.

Their view of the quality of education and schools says so much more than the number of professional publications or foreign students a school has – the students see under the bonnet of the school more than anyone because they pretty much spend every day there for several years. Thus, the Faculty of the Year project was born, which endeavours to ranks Czech schools by how much their students and recently graduated are satisfied.

What it’s like to study at a certain university is best evaluated by someone who actually went there.

Only the most qualified decided which is the best school

The only people who can vote in the Faculty of the Year survey are current students and graduates who finished their bachelor’s or master’s degree study at the given school within the last 24 months. In this way, the results represent the school’s current status, which can change with every new year. Participation in the survey is voluntary and the respondents aren’t chosen by anyone in advance.

The survey divides the individual schools into categories depending on their primary focus:

  • art,
  • medicine,
  • pedagogy, and others 

NEWTON College falls in the Economic – private category, where it competes with ten other Czech schools.

How it works

In the survey, the students and graduates respond to 20 required questions and 4 complimentary. The questions are written as statements where the participants then mark how much they agree or don’t agree with the statement. For instance, the survey participants may come across the following statement: “All of my educators are professionals in their field.” Their job is to then indicate whether they full-heartedly agree, moderately agree, or completely disagree with the statement.

NEWTON received points even outside its category

The students and graduates from NEWTON College provided the final index of 94.6. With this ranking, NEWTON not only won in its own category but also received the highest index across all Czech universities. The next highest index was achieved by the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU Prague, and third place went to Charles University Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen. Thus, NEWTON College became last year’s best-scored university in the Czech Republic.

At NEWTON College, we especially cherish this title because the quality of the learning environment and education, with an emphasis on practice and our educators’ expertise, are our main priorities. As stated by NEWTON’s chancellor Jan Mojžíš: “The goal is for our students to leave here truly having learned something and being able to use this new-found knowledge practically. At our school, the students learn by applying their lessons in practice – successful entrepreneurs and managers. And, of course, this different approach isn’t only rooted in the educators but throughout the entire system.”

According to chancellor Jan Mojžíš, the students at NEWTON are enterprising and quite discerning.

The fact that the students value the quality of learning at NEWTON College more than at all the other schools in the Czech Republic, confirms to us that we are doing something right.

We thank all the students and graduates who participated in the survey. We believe that NEWTON College will continue to be a high-quality, inspirational place, able to launch your carrier to the star, just like it did for the eight NEWTON students who made it on Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30 list.

You too can study at NEWTON College, the 6× best-ranked university in the Czech Republic. Come see what it’s like here with your own eyes by visiting our Open House days