The Purpose of the Corporation in a Post-COVID World

The question of how global business responds to crises, and how politics structure that response, is now more relevant than ever. This series of moderated lectures brings together academics, business leaders and NEWTON alumni with diverse international experiences and perspectives. In doing so, it provides space for a reflection on international business and political challenges in the second year of a global pandemic.

Bio: Tanweer Ali is a lecturer with SUNY Empire State College. His research interests are in corporate governance and the application of linguistic methods to economic questions. Before entering academia Tanweer worked for ten years in different positions in the financial sector in the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. He has also served on the board of a number of civil society organisations, especially in the field of human rights.

* Introduction: some of the challenges that COVID has presented in terms of the overall purpose of the corporation (a few examples)
* A brief historical overview of the debate on the role of the corporation - the changing consensus
* Different perspectives on the nature of the business corporation
* The role of the corporation on the international stage, especially in the developing world.