On 25 March NEWTON hosted the 15th annual European Forum of Entrepreneurship. Faculty from NEWTON, as well as distinguished international contributors, shared insights from their research and experience into topics shaping the contemporary business landscape. 

Jérôme Dumetz opened the conference with a keynote speech on using cross-cultural management methods to understand political risk in business. His key takeaway – that considering the cultural context of other actors in our business environment can help us understand and maybe even anticipate their behaviours – will be valuable to everyone conducting business in today’s globalised world.

The morning session kicked off with a session by Dr. Chris Chung-Jen Chien on how paternalistic leadership, and its defining characteristics of authoritarianism and benevolence, could reduce conflict and improve performance in teams under certain conditions. This was followed by a lecture from Dr. Jakub Wondreys on whether the Covid-19 pandemic had helped or harmed the far-right in Europe. 

Professor Ľudomír Šlahor then shared his research on Markowitz´s Modern Investment Portfolio Theory, and the degree to which its conclusions had held up during the uncertain market conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. The morning session concluded with Mgr. Alexandra Zhereb discussing access to the Czech ICT labour market for Third Country Nationals, and actions that could be taken by the government and local authorities to retrain people to meet the recruitment needs of this fast-growing sector.

The broad range of topics covered sparked engaging discussions, which continued over the course of the lunch break.

During the afternoon session, Dr. Petr Zimčík shared recent developments in space tourism, and the exciting potential of the industry. Dr.-Ing Sylvia Plottová then shared the results of her recent research into the motives and barriers for companies creating IPOs in Central Europe. 

The conference closed with Michael Brophy, President of Hilbert College in the U.S., discussing educational leadership, and the importance of every institution having a direction and a vision which is shared and believed in by both the leadership and the entire faculty. 

The perspectives shared during the conference were wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary, but attendees were left with a sense of the exciting research happening at NEWTON, and some areas of future collaboration were explored. 

Next year’s conference will be held on 23 - 25 March 2023, and will be eagerly anticipated as an opportunity to continue to share ideas with and beyond the NEWTON family.